Badger Survey

Undertaken in much the same manner as bats and GCN surveys. A three stage process establishes presence, population and mitigation requirements.

Stage 1 involves searching the site for sett’s and evidence of badger use, followed by full surveys if they are found to be required. These full surveys are undertaking using camera traps or sand traps to establish that the sett is ‘in use’ and active.

Mitigation is then designed to avoid doing damage or exclude the badgers from the site and replace their habitat e.g. building a sett for them. This survey is optimal during February to Mayand again in September to November when badgers are most active.

Protected by the badgers act (1992) it is an offence to damage, destory or disturb an occupied badger sett whilst in use.

Cherryfield Ecology uses the latest camera traps to survey for badgers, saving you time and money.

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